Terms of Sales


The terms and conditions for the sale of Naturen products override the terms and conditions of a customer once a purchase is made.



Naturen’s products respect the description provided by Naturen and the contract approved by the customer. The graphic design must be approved by the customer prior to the delivery of the product ordered. A simple email is sufficient for the approval of the BAT graphics and to start the order process. The technical specifications of the products are specified in our brochure.


Conditions of delivery

Upon delivery, prior to reception, the customer must thoroughly check the state of the goods received and flag any problems, or refuse reception if the package is damaged. It is essential that the client informs us of damaged goods via a recommended letter or by email, with photos, sent to Naturen within the 72 hours following the reception of the goods. The fact of not informing us of any problems within 72 hours will be considered as accepting the goods as undamaged.


Orders and delivery

All orders must be validated by Naturen. Naturen undertakes only to respect the delivery time as indicated on the quote at the moment of the signature. The delivery time will be confirmed by Naturen within 48 hours of the sending of the email confirming the order. Any command or delivery time not confirmed by Naturen results in the automatic validation of the order. A case of force majeure might result in delays for deliveries. Naturen undertakes to inform customers of delays as soon as known. This will not result in any compensation or cancellation without a mutuel agreement. For customised products, no order can be cancelled unless specified at the request of the customer via a signed quote.



All Naturen products are guaranteed for 1 year from the moment of reception of the goods by the customer. It is understood that the guarantee is valid for any default at the time of manufacture. A product that is damaged by a third party is not guaranteed. 



The means of payment are outlined in the quote sent to customers or in the contract signed by the dealer. The non-respect of the payment on time can result in late payment penalties of up to twice the legal rate.



Naturen products respect French legislation. Any purchase outside of France results in a total transfer of liability to the buyer. The buyer must check that Naturen products conform with the legislation and the regulation according to the relevant country. Naturen cannot be held responsible regarding foreign jurisdictions.


Industrial, intellectual and commercial property rights

Naturen’s recycling products are protected by patents.