File N ° 1: Setting up waste sorting in companies

We will highlight the different levers that will allow a company to move towards efficient waste management.

Recyclage des piles
The context :
Indeed, French law requires companies with more than 20 employees to sort their waste. We call it 5-flow sorting (Paper / Cardboard, Metal, Plastic, Glass, wood). “The law on energy transition for green growth encourages the fight against waste, the reduction of waste at source, its sorting and recovery.
As an extension of this law, decree n ° 2016-288 of March 10, 2016 requires producers and holders of waste (companies, shops, administrations, etc.) to sort at source 5 waste streams ”
paper / cardboard, metal, plastic, glass, wood.

Consult the ADEME guide on the 5-flow sorting obligation
The obligation to sort waste means that companies have to adapt to these new measures.

The trend :
The tendency or result of this law leads companies to favor the establishment of voluntary contribution points. Small office baskets (under each desk) hardly exist anymore in favor of larger capacities. It is now customary to put in place sorting bins in common areas. The capacity is greater, which means that fewer sorting bins can be installed. Companies then save money on cleaning. Employees are invited to place their waste on the move.
Recyclage des piles
What approach should a company take in order to optimize the implementation of sorting and succeed in attracting employees?

1) The idea is to carry out an audit on company waste :
– What type of waste is generated by the business ?
– What waste is “imported” by outside employees ?

See if the waste generated by the company can be reduced by setting progressive goals in partnership with suppliers of cafeterias, restaurants, bars.

The main idea is therefore to work on reducing waste by favoring reusable products (mugs rather than disposable cups, etc.) and by favoring less or “better” packaged products.
More information on the methods to achieve this on Zero Waste France.

2) Get closer to the company that collects the waste and study the recovery and recycling channels
Each cleaning company that collects the waste has different recovery channels. It is a French specificity. The most important thing is to know what is sorted, why and if it is actually recycled.

3) Communication on waste : several levers to activate
Communication is very important. Each bin must have a clearly visible sorting logo (“sorting instruction”) so that employees can adopt the correct sorting behavior.
If there is a waste environment that is difficult to clearly identify for each flow, enhanced communication can then be put in place via explanatory pediments, wall panels, additional documents, training …
A small document can be produced and distributed internally to employees to inform them of developments in waste sorting in the company. A newsletter or a movie can also work.
Conclusion: Several levers can be activated in order to move towards efficient waste sorting in companies. Once the action is completed, an impact study of this new implementation can be carried out.

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