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Naturen - Made in France
Tri Uno range : Sorting bin for business


The modular sorting bin for businesses and communities.

Discover this selective sorting cabinet in brushed aluminum, without assembly and which adapts immediately to your premises.
Made in France and fully customizable with direct or adhesive printing, the design of these columns will fit naturally into your offices.

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Tri Multi: Sorting bin for business


The optimal sorting bin for sorting your waste in several compartments.

Facilitate selective sorting in your premises thanks to this sorting cabinet with several compartments . Choose the type of opening you want (drop, slot, square or closed) and equip your buildings with this designer collector in brushed aluminum 100% customizable . Made in France.

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Sorting bin for event


The foldable sorting cabinet for your events, the brand’s flagship concept.

Essential for your events , indoors and outdoors, this collapsible sorting bin and instant installation is stored flat, for easier logistics .
Made in France in brushed aluminum, it is 100% customizable and delivered with its carrying case.

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Sorting waste in business, an obligation and a source of savings

Since 2016 and the decree called “ 5 streams “, most companies are concerned by the obligation to sort their waste from paper , metal , plastic , glass and wood . Only communities that do not exceed the weekly threshold of 1,100 liters of garbage collected are exempt. In the event of non-compliance with the “5 stream” sorting , the administrative penalties may be two years’ imprisonment and a € 75,000 fine . They can even go until the closing of your establishment . For legal persons, this criminal sanction can be multiplied by five in the event of breach.

You must therefore provide in your premises sorting bins allowing you to ensure this differentiated collection of waste for your company. Depending on the subsequent sorting and recovery services offered by your collection provider , you may choose to leave some of these 5 mixed flows , by isolating them from other types of waste (food for example). Your waste is then sent to a recovery center which completes and finalizes the sorting already carried out. Depending on the quality of garbage collection in your office, you may negotiate lower delivery costs through your collection provider. Ensuring selective waste collection in your company is therefore not only compulsory , but it is also a way of reducing your operating costs .

Getting the right equipment to adopt the right sorting reflexes in the office

The type of equipment (containers, bins, sorting bins, columns, etc.) that you choose for your premises has a significant impact on behavior in the face of selective sorting . The entire range Naturen was designed to optimize sorting , with signage of sorting instructions fluid and immediately understandable. Organizing your workspaces around clearly marked eco-points is a first solution to encourage employees to adopt the right actions in favor of recycling and waste recovery .

Understanding the selective sorting signage in the workplace

Actions are multiplying in companies to promote selective sorting and more generally sustainable development . Even if a certain disparity still exists at the level of instructions and colors of sorting bins in the different territories in France, a national repository was established by the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe). Regarding the color of containers and delivery points , here is what has been recommended by Ademe and which falls within the framework of the anti-waste law for a circular economy :

  • Blue bin for papers and leaflets.
  • Yellow bin for plastics – metals – cardboard and papers in the absence of a blue bin.
  • Brown bin for bio-waste and food waste.
  • Gray bin for residual waste.

Customize sorting bins in business

The elegant Naturen sorting terminals fit in as decorative elements in their own right. The work environment in which you operate must be as pleasant as possible. This requires the installation of waste collectors as integrated as possible, harmonized as much as possible with the rest of the spaces . Naturen has worked on the design of its sorting bins and allows you to customize the appearance 100%. We manufacture your columns on the basis of the creations that you provide us (RAL, Pantone). Thus, your office waste bins have an aesthetic which harmonizes perfectly with your surfaces and which contributes to the good adhesion of the teams to the selective sorting .

Encourage the adoption of good sorting reflexes in the company

How to mobilize employees in sorting in the company ? While protection of the environment is an increasingly shared concern, it is not always easy to involve all employees in the reduction and the resulting sorting of waste . To achieve buy-in and change in individual behavior, various awareness-raising actions are possible: presentation and distribution of materials concerning the different sorting bins set up in the company and color codes , display, emailing, presentation of environmental issues through quizzes or tests , etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your selective sorting in business issues !

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