Conical ashtray

Practical and fun for the beach.

  • Original and user-friendly, the ice-cone-shaped beach ashtray is the most suitable for seaside spaces.
  • Its conical design gives it great stability in sand and makes it easy and pleasant to use.
  • Its large marking surface can accommodate
    several logos and texts : Ideal for partnership projects.

Cone-shaped ashtray , practical and fun for the beach.
Of 100% French manufacturing and recyclable , it is surely one of the ashtrays most ecological pockets. It is planted in the sand or in the snow.

Its large capacity allows you to store around twenty cigarette butts before emptying the ashtray at the end of the day.
Available at will in all colors .

Assembly and personalization by a partner ESAT (Establishment and service for help through work)

Technical specifications

  • Length : 150 mm
  • Diameter : 50 mm
  • Weight : 18 grams
  • Material : Recycled Plastic 85% – Oyster powder 15%
  • Manufacturing : 100% France
  • Capacity : 25 butts
  • Plastic : 100% recycled material or waste (oyster shells)
  • Colors : WHITE, BLUE, PINK, GREEN (“oyster” natural color)
  • Personalization : One color pad printing

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